Nieuwe Fellenoord residents not happy with Kruisstraat closing

High traffic density on Kruisstraat now goes through Nieuwe Fellenoord Photo credit: Studio040

Residents on Nieuwe Fellenoord in Eindhoven are unhappy with the new traffic rules on Kruisstraat. Because the road there is largely closed to motorists, all traffic now has to pass through their street. The residents themselves say that this causes a lot of frustration. “It’s just chaos here on weekends.”

Residents of the Nieuwe Fellenoord are clearly not happy. “The traffic that normally uses Kruisstraat now comes through our street. And to think that they don’t want to be in our street at all. This leads to frustration among motorists, which causes them to drive faster. This leads to  unsafe situations in our street”, says resident Dennis Grotenhuis. Neighbour Frank van den Nieuwenhof is also bothered by the crowds: “Everyone now comes to us through the street.”


Several residents have also thought about possible solutions. “I think the Kruisstraat should be completely closed to traffic,” said Marc van den Berg. Resident Berry Sanders agrees: “They should just turn it into a bicycle street.” Van Den Nieuwenhof also thinks it is a bit of a double-take that residents now have to come up with solutions. “In fact, we are now solving a problem that the municipality has created itself.”

Municipality recognizes problem

The municipality recognizes the problems caused by increased traffic but first wants to see how the traffic measures will turn out. There will also be a meeting between the municipality and residents.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Vesna

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