Man supposedly armed and dangerous evades police

Photo Credit: Eindhoven News Media Library/Studio040

On Monday evening, the police appeared in force for a suspicious situation  on Bennekelstraat.

A local resident alerted the police after noticing that two men had been sitting in a car in front of the house for a long time. Presumably there were rlationship problems between the persons in the car and the residents of the house.

When the police received the registration number of the car, it turned out that the owner of the car was a firearms risk known to the police. The police therefore decided to scale up.

The moment the men realized that the police wanted to check them, they fled. The police managed to arrest the co-driverH however, the man supposedly carrying a weapon managed to escape, despite the deployment of an arrest team and a police helicopter.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Yawar Abbas

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