Regional bus transport employees strike on 21 May

Picture courtesy: Eindhoven News
The trade union FNV has announced a 24-hour strike at the Hermes parking facility in Eindhoven for Saturday 21 May. This strike has consequences on bus services.
The employers and unions in regional transport have been negotiating a new collective labour agreement for some time now. As a result, FNV is organising a one day strike on 21 May. The exact extent of the disruption is not yet clear.
The spokesperson of Hermes, Mr Tilburg admits “I am unable to foresee the impact of the strike because I am not aware of the number of employees who will participate in the strike”.

FNV is a notable labour union in the Netherlands with a considerable number of members. According to the FNV, the strike is part of the nationwide relay strikes that started last week in the northeast of the country. The drivers want, among other things, higher wages in the new collective labour agreement.

Marijn van der Gaag, director of FNV Streekvervoer: ‘Across the country, our members are dissatisfied with the employers’ final offer. They want something to be done about the workload quickly because it causes a lot of failure among the drivers.’


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