Veldhoven combating oak processionary caterpillars

processionary caterpillar warning ribbon on oak tree Photo credit: Studio040, Janneke Bosch

In the course of April, the leaves of the oak trees will grow again. High time to fight the oak processionary caterpillar. Veldhoven too needs to take action. The municipality has drawn up the control plan for this year. More than 3,300 oaks are being treated.

Biological mechanism 
Veldhoven is focusing this year on biological control and hoovering up the nests. “Since 2010, we have been fighting the oak processionary caterpillar with biological agents. We do this when the oak leaves start to grow. We spray the biological fluid as high as possible into the trees with a tree mist sprayer.”

Other methods
Nesting boxes for tits have also been installed at various locations in Veldhoven. These birds feed their young with all kinds of insects, including the oak processionary caterpillar. In this way, they help with the control. 

Warning signs
No action is taken against the caterpillars in forest and nature areas, the municipality reports. “We let the natural enemies do their work there. We place warning signs at the access paths in these areas to warn our visitors about possible nuisance.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha

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