Tramp Uldis from Tongelre lands on the street again

Tramp Uldis on street again
Photo credit: Pleun Wolters/Studio040

The city’s most popular drifter has become homeless again after spending many months in the shelter.

Uldis Kruga was told on 1 April that he was no longer welcome at the Neos shelter where he had been rehabilitating for a year. He is now living on the streets again.

Two years ago, fate struck for Uldis. He suffered a heart attack, had a bad fall and lost both his legs as well. Thanks to the good care of local residents, he was admitted to the Catharina Hospital and later got a place in the shelter of Neos on Kwartelstraat.

Residents in the neighbourhood are highly indignant that Uldis was put on the street. Why remains somewhat unclear. The municipality wants to say very little about the matter because they don’t want to go into individual cases. The spokesperson does say that they have been helping for a year, that it all costs money, and that they also have to take into account other people who are entitled to a place of refuge.

Uldis himself continues to try to look on the situation as bright as possible. He refuses to fall into depression and remains hopeful of a solution. “I am a true optimist”, he says, laughing as he drives off in his wheelchair.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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