Profile of Eindhoven Mayor: A vibrant connector with International network

Profile of the New Eindhoven Mayor
Picture credit: Studio040/ Alain Heeren

Eindhoven now knows the profile of the new Mayor. He or she must have an international network, be a figurehead and be able to build bridges between the various population groups in the city.

The municipality, through an online survey, wanted to know the opinion of the people of Eindhoven on this profile. Mayor John Jorritsma is stepping down as Mayor of Eindhoven after his current term of office.

Based on the results of the survey, the profile was published. The new mayor must be a ‘connector’. Someone who is able to bring the large diversity of population groups in the city closer together, someone who is close to the people, according to the municipality. Someone who is also depolarizing.

In addition, the new mayor must be a “figurehead” at the national and international levels. He or she must also have many contacts in the international business community. The new Mayor must also have a long-term vision for the development of Eindhoven and the Brainport region. In addition, the perfect candidate must have the ability to propagate the strength of the region in the province, in The Hague and in Brussels.

The new mayor must also be inspiring, self-confident and autonomous and have extensive administrative experience. Integrity, reliability, decisiveness and vigor are also important qualities, as is the ability to get people “moving” and enthusiastic.

The new mayor will in any case face a considerable task, according to the municipality. The city needs to provide 21,000 new homes. This is accompanied by large construction projects, including in the area of the station.

In addition, there is a considerable divide in the city between the people who benefit fully from the success of Brainport and those who, despite this success, are left behind. The fight against subversive crime is another spearhead, as are the climate challenge and energy transition.

It is obvious that the new mayor will come from the GroenLinks party. The party won strongly in the municipal elections with nine seats. Behind them come the CDA and the VVD with six seats each. Furthermore, after the elections, there were voices saying that the new mayor, for the first time in Eindhoven’s history, should be a woman.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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