Kwantum in Eindhoven closed for six months due to staff shortage

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Photo credit: Tim Mossholder (Pexels)

A Kwantum store on the Ruysdaelbaan in Eindhoven has been closed for six months due to a shortage of staff. First, there were many corona infections and now a flu wave is killing the home furnishing store: there are not enough employees to run the store.

The flags in front of the door of the branch are flying as if nothing is wrong. Those who take a closer look see that the shopping carts outside have disappeared and the lights are out. A note on the door says that the store is temporarily closed.

The branch has been closed since mid-November, but potential customers still come to the store, says a passing local resident. “I often see people coming here to a closed door. People who come by car only see that the store is closed when they get here.”

“I have never experienced this before.” – Neighbour

She thinks it’s a shame that she now has to drive further for her home goods. “It takes so long. I’ve never experienced this before.”

A spokesperson for Kwantum says that they see no other option than to temporarily close the store in Eindhoven. “As a result of corona and a flu wave, we are facing a shortage of employees in various places in the Netherlands. By shifting employees, we try to solve the problem as much as possible.”

“The closure of this store saddens us every day.” – Kwantum spokesperson

The company is tight on staff nationwide anyway, according to the many vacancies on the website. According to a spokesperson, there are currently hundreds of vacancies nationwide. Corona and the flu wave have compounded the problem. “The closure of this branch hurts us every day,” he said.

Customers who had ordered something from the Kwantum in Eindhoven before the closure received a message. “They could pick up their order at our branch at Ekkersrijt in Son,” says a spokesperson

The closure of the Eindhoven branch is temporary. However, it is not yet known when the branch will reopen. “Preferably today than tomorrow,” he says. But he doesn’t dare put a date on it.

Kwantum has had better terms of employment since 1 April, says the spokesperson. He hopes that this will help to retain staff longer and attract new employees to the company.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Simge Taşdemir

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