King’s Day: ban on cans and glasses as well as crowd control measures

No cans or glasses on King's Day Photo credit Studio040, Tjeerd Adema

Glasses and cans are forbidden during King’s Day in Eindhoven. The municipality and the organizations are also taking measures to prevent party locations from becoming overcrowded.

“We expect as many people as in 2019, before corona. That is 120,000 visitors, with possibly another twenty per cent more,” says Mariola Scheepstra of organizer Eindhoven247.

“We will keep a close eye on the crowds. For example, there is camera surveillance, we keep track of GPS traffic and we take impression photos at the party locations. There are also guides and large screens that can inform people about crowds. We also receive data from the NS, who know how many people enter the city by train.”

‘Not uncontrollable’

The organization does not expect an unmanageable crowd. Scheepstra: “Nowadays there are events in many cities during King’s Day. Look at Aquabest, where 40,000 people are expected. Or Breda, where a lot of people go. There will be queues, but no dangerous situations.”

Can ban

In addition to measures against large crowds, a glasses and can ban will also apply on Wednesday. For example, there is a ‘turnover point’ at the station, where travellers can pour drinks from cans or glasses into plastic cups.

In addition, guides in the city will point people to places where bicycles can and cannot be parked from Tuesday. This should prevent emergency services from having difficulty reaching certain locations on King’s Day.

In total there are nine event locations in the city during King’s Day. Visits to most locations are free.

source: Studio040

translated by: Vesna

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