Mario Jacobs looking after coalition talks in Eindhoven

Eindhoven setting aside million to help residents and groups
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Mario Jacobs has been appointed informant in Eindhoven. He is given the task to see which coalitions can be formed in the city, after the elections last week.

In daily life, Jacobs is dike warden at Waterschap Aa and Maas. He was also an alderman in Tilburg for seven years. At the request of the largest party in Eindhoven, GroenLinks, he will be talking to all the parties that currently hold seats in the city council.

Election results
On Thursday night, all parties indicated how they viewed the election results and what steps should now be taken. GroenLinks was by far the largest, with nine seats. The Greens are followed by CDA, (6 seats), VVD (6 seats), PvdA (5 seats) and D66 (5 seats). In addition to a number of large groups, newcomers Party for the Animals (2 seats) and Volt (3 seats), which share many climate ambitions with GroenLinks, are also potential coalition candidates.

As previously expected, GroenLinks is now officially taking the lead in the negotiations to form a new coalition. “I am pleased and grateful that the council has placed its trust in us,” said list leader Rik Thijs.

Jacobs will start talks on Saturday. In addition to all list leaders, he will also sit down with Mayor John Jorritsma and Town Clerk Aline Zwierstra. For the past four years, there has been a coalition of VVD, GroenLinks, PvdA, and CDA. For a coalition that rests on a majority in the city council, 23 seats are needed.


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