Last year’s curfew rioter got two-week prison sentence changed to six months

Prorail car, fire, riots
Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

The court in Den Bosch has sentenced a man from Gouda to six months in prison for his involvement in last year’s riots against the COVID related curfew. That is much heavier than the two weeks in prison that the court had previously imposed on him.

The 36-year-old man was on trial for public violence, sedition, and theft. He deliberately sought out people who, for example, threw stones, who stood triumphant next to a burning ProRail car or who used abusive language to police officers.  According to the court, it has also been proven that he made sixteen films with his telephone and that he always encouraged rioters who behaved violently. At one point, while he was showing yet another fire, he said: “That’s what you get when you take the people’s freedom, boy.”

At the beginning of last year, the cabinet announced a curfew to prevent the further spread of the corona virus. Protests against the decision degenerated into violent riots in Eindhoven on 24 January. A day later things got out of hand in Den Bosch. Dozens of people have already been convicted of the disturbances.

For more details of those violent riots read this news article from Eindhoven news:


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