Eindhoven municipality will impose smoking ban in and around sports facilities

Photo image: Paweł Czerwiński, Unsplash.com

In its efforts to discourage smoking, the Eindhoven municipality is going to ban smoking in, on and around sports fields, halls and stands, as of August 1st.  

When sports facilities are rented from the municipality, tenants must enforce this themselves. At the amateur branch of FC Eindhoven, they are already working on this, says chairman Willem Dullemen.


“In 2017, the club already took the step to protect our youth from smoking around the fields. And recently we once again brought this to the attention: Smoke-free: everyone happy. ‘No smoking on our complex’ is therefore our motto. If this is ignored, the smoker should be addressed in a friendly and clear manner. Our own members, supervisors and trainers will set the example or have a pioneering role,” says Dullemen.

Next step

“We know that many Eindhoven sports associations have already taken steps towards a smoke-free environment,” says Stijn Steenbakkers, Alderman for Sport. “This next step towards a completely smoke-free sports environment has more impact for some associations than for others. But no one takes this step alone. As a municipality, we provide clear messages such as signs indicating that it is a smoke-free environment.”

“We are also going to organize training courses on the best ways to address someone who lights up a cigarette anyway,” says Steenbakkers.

Source : studio040.nl

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