Eindhoven citizens can vote again: ‘All options are still open’

Eindhoven elections
Photo credit: Studio040

Today is the last day that the ballot boxes are open for the municipal elections. Residents of Eindhoven seem fairly divided.

Some people are still in doubt about their voting choice. “After the vote guide, six parties came up, so I have to look more closely”, one resident says. Someone else has already made up his mind about the choice between local and national. “I don’t want to give the national parties too much power”.

There are also people who do not vote at all. Former football trainer and also Eindhoven resident Aad de Mos, for example. “I have no faith in politics. Too much is promised and nothing comes of it”. Another passer-by believes that politics does nothing at all. “Against poverty, for example: nothing is being improved”.

Other residents already know which party they are going to vote for. But not everyone has chosen a specific candidate yet. “I haven’t looked into that yet”. Someone else, however, has already made the choice. “Joan Versantvoort of the Ouderen Appèl (elderly appeal) will get my vote. Because he is a people person”.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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