VVD opposed skate ban, but now worried about ‘vandalism’

Skate board, Picture credit : Pixabay

The proposed skate ban that the mayor and aldermen wanted to impose around the Catharina Church and the Piazza area was rejected. The VVD now wants to know whether more policing is possible after all.

Although a skate ban on the two sites in question was unanimously dismissed by the city council, the VVD now expresses its concern about the consequences of that decision. “In practice, this appears to be a license for nuisance and vandalism, with much damage and unsafe situations as a result. “It’s just accidents waiting to happen”, the group wrote in a question for Question Time.

“The VVD still supports the adoption of the amendment [not to ban skating], but is looking for an intermediate form in which we give space to the skaters and urban sports and at the same time ensure that vandalism and nuisance are minimized,” the VVD said.

Additional enforcement

The VVD wants to know whether policing has completely stopped by the adoption of the amendment and whether this also means that the police cannot take action in the case of vandalism. They also want to know whether extra police officers can be deployed in and around the Piazza. Furthermore, the VVD wants to know whether skating around the Piazza can be ‘discouraged’.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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