Socialist Party Eindhoven starts a hotline for issues with the Participation Act

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The SP (Socialistische Partij) Eindhoven has started a Contact Centre for reports of abuse of the Participation Act. The group wants to track issues and find solutions.

“For years we have seen problems with the ‘kostendelersnorm’ benefit. Also, with the need to provide information, and the ‘fraud’ hunting of benefit agencies that can lead to such abuse,” according to the SP.

Therefore, SP has been busy since the beginning of February mapping out the problems associated with the law. “We had hoped that the new cabinet would abolish this law and that the human dimension would return as a starting point.” However, the group sees that this hope was in vain.

“The most serious problems are not being solved. The only thing that is being fixed is that the standard cost-sharing is going to 27 years of age. But only from 2023 onwards.” Since the Participation Act gives room to municipalities for ‘so-called customisation’, the Eindhoven city council can solve structural problems. Thanks to the hotline, those problems should be identified.


The Participation Act often gets people into serious trouble. In light of that, the municipality of Eindhoven has already announced that it will look more to the intentions with which the law was written, rather than literally applying it. According to SP, people can get advice from the hotline for the problems they are facing.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Simge Taşdemir

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