Protest march in the making against housing shortage

Protest march housing shortage
Photo credit: Woonoffensief Eindhoven/Studio040

A protest march is planned through the city. Next month, Woonoffensief Eindhoven wants to draw attention to the housing shortage.

With tents on 18 Septemberplein, the activists already asked attention for the housing shortage last Sunday.

The Woonoffensief is an initiative of the political youth organisations Communistische Jongerenbeweging (communist youth movement), ROOD, DWARS and Jonge Socialisten (young socialists). “We find ourselves in the greatest housing crisis since the Second World War. Eindhoven presents itself as a centre of knowledge, the light city of the Netherlands. But when it comes to housing policy, all we see is darkness”, says Lucas Nagtzaam, co-initiator, of the protest.

According to the initiators, the system surrounding housing construction is broken. “It should not be a market, housing is a right”, Rutger Rauws, one of the founders, says. To turn the tide, Woonoffensief Eindhoven demands, among other things, accessible and cheap housing for everyone, more control on landlords, and the nationalisation of construction.

So on 13 March, the last Sunday before the municipal elections, Woonoffensief Eindhoven organises a larger demonstration against the housing crisis, in the form of a protest march. “Everyone who is suffering from this housing crisis is invited to walk along and make their dissatisfaction heard”, Woonoffensief Eindhoven says.

The march starts at two o’clock in the afternoon on Anthony van Leeuwenhoeklaan and then moves towards Stadhuisplein.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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  1. Most of the article is translated well, but translating DWARS to “cross” seems a little off. The organisations are, in order: Communist Youth Movement (althpugh officially the youth group of the New Dutch Communist Party, they are mostly independent), ROOD (former youth group of the Socialist Party, as of recently independent), DWARS (youth group of the Green Left party) and JS or Jonge Socialisten (youth group of the Labour Party).

    Although not mentioned in the original article, members of BIJ1 (a progressive party mostly focused on anti-racism) and FNV (the largest Dutch union) also participated in this protest.

    • Thank you, comments noted and duly rectified. We are a foundation that is run by the energy of volunteers. We appreciate your comments and the way you have politely put them across. Sometimes, we face these issues when translating, thanks.


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