Peek into the unvisited Crypto Museum

Crypto Museum Eindhoven
Photo credit: Studio040

For almost fifteen years there has been a Crypto Museum in Eindhoven, which consists of a special collection of historic cipher machines and James Bond-like gadgets. The museum can only be visited online.

Smart gadgets, bizarre machines, code language and technology. The collection of Marc Simons and Paul Reuvers, two engineers from Eindhoven, is about spying and secret language. The pieces are in a secret location in Eindhoven and would certainly draw crowds if the Crypto Museum had been a normal museum. But the collection of the museum can only be viewed online.

Studio040 paid an exclusive visit to the museum. Here you can watch the video:
(It is in Dutch but if you are in YouTube and on the right side below the video you can go to the settings icon – Subtitles – tick: Dutch (auto generated) – then again got to – Subtitles – and tick: Auto translate – and choose your language).

Translated by: Bob

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