Metamorphosis of Gulbergen: vacation homes, houses, windmills and greenery

Gulbergen a new metamorphosis
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Gulbergen is a country estate covering 325 hectares, between Geldrop, Mierlo, Nuenen and Helmond. The redevelopment of the area is possible with a mix of houses, a vacation park, windmills, and greenery.

That is the starting point of 21 municipalities in Southeast Brabant, within the consultation of the Metropolitan Region Eindhoven (MRE). In the coming period, the MRE wants to consult with residents, interested parties, and involved organizations to see what the exact details will be. The authorities will give four options in advance: an ‘energy landscape’ with windmills and solar panels, planting of the forest, a vacation park, or housing. A mix of these four is also possible. The golf course and Dierenrijk will in any case retain their place on the estate if it is up to the MRE.


The Gulbergen estate was once a landfill, a former dumping place. It is known as the ‘roof of Brabant’. Now it is a green scenic area, with golfers, sheep, farms, hikers, and cyclists. For a while, the waste company Attero managed the area. In 2020 the regional municipalities bought off the long lease for over €17 million. This makes it a public property again, with the aim of a beautiful redevelopment.

“It’s a beautiful area with a lot of potentials. We must focus on the opportunities here, and it must benefit the region. The municipalities are also thinking in the same direction now to take action,” says Frank van der Meijden, spokesman for the MRE and mayor of Laarbeek.


In the coming months, residents and organizations may discuss the changeover of the area. Van der Meijden: “A mix of housing, recreation, and windmills is quite possible. The conditions we set are that the estate must remain publicly accessible and that it is profitable for the regional municipalities.” The MRE has already indicated that new forests or an energy park are not profitable, while housing and a vacation park are.


In a few months, it should be clear what the consultation with residents and organizations has yielded. Then the MRE will present a proposal that all 21 regional municipalities must consider. Once that is done, a tender will be issued and developers can get to work.


Translations: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.

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