Demonstration for affordable housing in Geldrop-Mierlo

A housing protest was held in Geldrop-Mierlo on Saturday in the run-up to the local elections to highlight the importance of affordable housing.

The reason for the demonstration is the housing shortage in Geldrop-Mierlo. There are too few affordable homes, both in the rental and owner-occupied sectors. For four years now, no more social rental homes have been built and no more family homes for fourteen years, says Frans van Grunsven of the Stichting Huurdersvereniging Mierlo. The waiting list on the social rental market has also increased considerably. In Mierlo you are the 600th on the list when registering for a rental home and in Geldrop there are already 1000 people waiting.


That is why several dozen people joined the demonstration on Saturday. They pointed out that affordable housing is a right and hope to put the topic higher on the political agenda. Various political parties and interest groups were present at the protest. PvdA Geldrop-Mierlo, Stichting Huurdersbelangen Geldrop-Mierlo and the Young Socialists in PvdA were leaders. They were supported by the political parties SAMEN, GroenLinks, VOLT Eindhoven and ROOD Eindhoven. FNV also supported this action.

source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Vesna

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