Chip shortage ensures golden times at NXP

NXP, Amazon
Photo credit: Eindhoven Media Library/Studio040

Chip manufacturer NXP has a record turnover of more than 11 billion dollars in 2021. That’s 28 percent more than the previous year when the company had sales of 8.6 billion dollars.

Converted into euros, the company’s turnover is 9.8 billion. The gross profit of the Eindhoven chipmaker amounts to more than 5.3 billion euros. These are resounding figures for the former chip branch of Philips. And those figures are achieved in a period when there is a significant shortage of chips. For example, DAF previously announced that the number of trucks the company makes largely depends on the number of chips available.

The automotive industry has been a significant customer, contributing to 44 percent of the total turnover for NXP. Industry and Internet of Things (IoT) account for the next major sector, followed by the communication industry.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Seetha
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