A journey through the future at the Evoluon

Photo credit: Studio040

What if you could see what is going to happen to the Earth in the next million years? You can at the time machine of Next Nature in the Evoluon. A virtual reality journey through the coming thousands of years.

The journey through time is part of the new Future Lab in the Evoluon. In the coming years, a new museum will be built there, of which the time machine will be a part. The journey looks at how the earth is going to change in the coming thousands of years. You are taken along by means of virtual reality and you also move during the ride.

Realistic image

Koert van Mensvoort is one of the inventors of the time machine. In November, they were ready to receive the first guests, but due to the lockdown, the opening had to be postponed for a few weeks. Therefore, he is very happy that from this weekend the first visitors can come. “We are very happy that we can now receive people,” says Mensvoort. “The time machine is a journey through the distant future of the earth. What will happen to it? That is what we want to show and it is also all scientifically underpinned. So everything that you will experience through the VR glasses, can actually happen.”

Not our generation

However, everything you see is not for our time. “Of course, you’re going to see things like climate change and other occurrences, but at the end of the day, most things are not for our generation. We do go into this journey with the positive stories because it can always be worse.”


The first visitors of the attraction were quite surprised when they finished the trip. “I still have to recover from it. There are so many stimuli, but it is really cool”, says one of the visitors. Another had experienced the trip a little better: “It is such a unique and shocking glimpse into the future. Sometimes it goes by very quickly but because you can make time pass more slowly with your hands, you really experience it better.”

The Evoluon was a technology museum of Philips from 1966. Young and old visitors could see what new technical gadgets were on the way. In 1998, the museum closed because the costs of maintaining and managing the building had become too high. So now there is a sequel, the first step being this virtual time travel.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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