Students in Antarctica: ‘Three penguins were suddenly behind us’

Team Polar on Antartica
Photo credit: Frans Raaijmakers/Science communication officer/Studio040

The two students from Team Polar in Eindhoven are on their way back home from Antarctica. For the past two weeks, they have been taking measurements for their self-designed ‘Antarctica rover’, an unmanned vehicle that is supposed to help study the consequences of climate change.

While they were focused on putting their equipment up, they suddenly noticed three penguins behind them. They curiously looked at them but left again after a while.
All the measurements went well and the data they needed have arrived.

Ewout Hulscher, a sustainability studies student at TU/e, went to the South Pole together with Oscar Mannens, a student of Automotive Technology at Eindhoven University. With the Polar team, which consists of 17 people from eight different faculties, they have been working for a long time on building an ‘Antarctic rover’. However, in order to get this done they had to collect measurement data. So these guys set off to the south after three years of studying the South Pole.

Oscar and Ewout spent the day testing with the pyranometers. A pyranometer measures the intensity of the sun in Watts per meter. This data is important for the team since it can be inserted into their models which gives them the expected energy output they can generate with their solar panels

Team Polar TU/e - 3 penguins
Photo cedit: Team Polar TU Eindhoven

Team Polar: “All these days spent by our team researching on and near Antarctica further boosted our desire for a more sustainable world. Pioneering a zero emission Antarctica does not simply mean creating sustainable vehicles; this is just a drop in the ocean. To accomplish our goal, various actions need to be taken in order to make Antarctica and our world as a whole more sustainable. We from Team Polar strongly believe that this is possible and take actions to achieve it.”

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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