Street musician wants to bring a smile to the faces of cafe visitors

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Street musician Michiel Walter started his one-day ‘tour’ with Eindhoven on Sunday morning. He will not be playing large concert halls such as the Muziekgebouw. Instead, he plays for anyone involved in the hospitality industry to bring a smile to their faces at this difficult time.

At 10:30, the tour kicked off in front of Eindhoven Central Station. The first tunes were played in front of the Coffeelab, but there was no real rush. “I expected this on a Sunday morning, but I want to visit ten locations so, of course, I can’t start at twelve o’clock.”

After his first performance, he continued on his bike to the next location. “I should have rented a limo,” he joked, as he made haste to get to the Kleine Berg on time. There he performed in front of the café Anne & Max, where one of the customers got up to dance. “When I hear music, I have to move along with it. It’s also nice that he tries to support the catering industry in this way.”

After another performance for Bagel & Juice, the street musician left the Kleine Berg. After that, seven other places were planned. At five o’clock his one-day tour ended at the Genneper Watermill.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Vesna


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