Police officer kicked-off motorcycle during chase

Photo credit: Eindhoven Police/Studio040

A police officer was shocked on Monday when a 15-year-old boy kicked him off his motorcycle during a chase in Eindhoven.

Officer Hicham Argani looks back at his working day in disbelief. He wanted to pull over a moped rider because the passenger was not wearing a helmet. He just wanted to give him a warning. However, the duo took off and so Hicham gave chase.

During the chase, the passenger intentionally kicked Hicham, causing him to fall. Hicham followed the boys on foot. “After a sprint of several hundred metres, I was able to stop the driver,” says Hicham. Meanwhile, a fellow officer picked up the passenger.

Hicham still cannot comprehend what happened. “I find it hard to understand how a 15-year-old could kick a police officer off his motorcycle to avoid being checked. It’s really worrying what we’re facing as a society.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translated by: Yawar

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