Mayors of the region want relaxation of corona measures

Eindhoven city centre - Demer
Photo credit: Alain Heeren/Studio040

The corona measures must be relaxed quickly to help entrepreneurs. That is the emergency request of 21 mayors in the Eindhoven region in a letter to the cabinet.

Lockdown hits the entrepreneurs hard

The mayors see that the understanding for the measures to be in place is declining considerably and that the pressure on many entrepreneurs is increasing. ‘As mayors, we are very concerned about all the local entrepreneurs who are being hit hard by the lockdown. Many suffer economically, financially, and often psychologically. We are concerned about the consequences, both for the entrepreneurs themselves and for the quality of life in our town and village centres’, reads the message in the letter.

Money spent across the border

The mayors emphasise that many entrepreneurs see how online purchases are declining and money is being spent across the border. ‘The relationship of safe shopping between the essential and non-essential shops is also getting lost. Moreover, the entrepreneurs experience the hurt that an image is created in which they are generously compensated, which is not the case. High costs remain for every entrepreneur,’ the letter continues.

Therefore, the mayors in Southeast Brabant are arguing for ‘relaxing the measures in a way that is responsible for public health’. They also believe that support packages for entrepreneurs should be improved. The compensation offered at the moment is insufficient, according to the mayors of the 21 regional municipalities.

An extra meeting of the Association of Dutch Municipalities has been scheduled on this subject on Thursday.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Shanthi Ramani

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