Winter villages, reindeer and thousands of lights: Distelstraat ready for Christmas

Christmas in Distelstraat
Photo credit: Pleun Wolters/Studio040

Immediately after Sinterklaas evening, another traditional event begins in Distelstraat: the façades are given their Christmas decorations.

And this is not done half-heartedly. The street is adorned with metres of Christmas lights, luminous sleighs, Christmas bells and winter village sceneries. Also you can find a real outdoor cinema. It belongs to Christiaan, one of the most fanatical Christmas fans in the street. His window offers passers-by a true spectacle, with a Disney movie, an electric train and a winter village all installed on his dining table. That he now has to eat his spaghetti on the sofa, he gladly accepts.

On Distelstraat, each resident has his or her own Christmas speciality. Neighbour Celin has a huge collection of Father Christmases, the counter stands at 65 pieces. They are massively present in the living room and even populate every step of the staircase. Her showpiece is a large stone sculpture of a couple: a Father Christmas and the much rarer female Santa.

Then there is neighbour Harun, he has got some moves too. He built a brightly lit ski lodge in the backyard and has several Christmas trees in his house. But there is one drawback: the energy bill can become quite steep. “Yes, in December we spend two or three hundred euros more on electricity”, Harun says, but he shrugs his shoulders. Just like Christiaan: he doesn’t really care that he has to pay more for electricity temporarily. “It’s only Christmas once a year. And it’s all about having a good time, right?”

Over the next few days, more façades in Distelstraat will be decorated. Other side streets of Edelweisstraat are also festively illuminated.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob

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