Stans and thrift shop Emmaus give homeless people a free winter coat

Winter coat donation, Picture credit: Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce

Since Boxing Day, warm second-hand winter coats have been hanging from poles and trees all over Eindhoven, with the text: if you are cold, take me with you. It is an initiative of Stans Pruijmboom from Eindhoven, who has been helping people living in poverty through her Facebook group for some time now.

“We also wanted to help the homeless, now that it is getting colder and colder,” Stans explains. “I get donations all the time. This time, thrift shop Emmaus Eindhoven donated fifty second-hand coats. We heard that there was a shortage of clothing among the homeless and low-income people.”

Wishing people a warm heart

The coats were hung up in Eindhoven on Sunday. “We went around the center and neighborhoods like Woensel, Tongelre, and Gestel with three cars. In this way, we literally and figuratively wish people a warm heart.”

Several trees and lampposts were given a coat. “We also tried to give coats directly to the homeless, but we only saw a few. And sometimes they don’t like being approached directly either.”

Food for homeless

It is the first time she helps the homeless in this way. “However, I do help hundreds of families who are having a hard time get food through Facebook. For example, I get bread from the baker and vegetables from the market. I work all day, but I do it with love and pleasure. For Christmas, I received pallets of chocolate from Aldi. That was enough to help all the families who had registered with us. Almost 300 people came to the door in a couple of days.

Some of these families also receive help from the Voedselbank. “But people who do not qualify can also come forward. For example, there are people who are struggling financially just after a divorce.”

Source: Studio040 

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan


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