De Regent residents sue construction company for 10 million euros

Picture credit: Studio040/ Alain Heeren

Over a hundred owners and residents of De Regent residential tower block are going to sue the construction company Pennings. This is due to safety concerns regarding the building.

At the beginning of the year, construction fences were placed around the residential tower block. Later, nets were also attached to the facade of the building. All of this was done to make sure that loose construction material would not injure people who were around or passing the building.

The residents did not know how to get in touch with the construction company regarding the safety issues. The residents are threatened with having to pay EUR 100,000 per owner due to these problems.

Meanwhile, the construction company is maintaining its silence, according to the owners’ association. “Pennings and its parent company BAM are completely uninterested in the fact that serious construction mistakes made in the past have resulted in an unsafe situation in the centre of Eindhoven,” emphasises Tom Hanselaar, chairman of the De Regent owners’ association.

Left to our fate

“We are literally being left to our fate by Pennings and BAM, without any form of responsibility for the problems they have caused.” The residents are said to have paid a combined total of €1 million to secure the area around the building.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Anitha Sevugan

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