Primary schools struggle with infections

Photo Credit: Studio040 | Alain Heeren

Primary schools regularly have to send classes home due to the rising number of infections among students. Schools and educational organisations are struggling with the increasing unrest among parents and teachers.

Due to the recent wave of contamination, the SKPO school De Springplank has been closed. This is the most far-reaching measure in the region for a primary school. According to Ingrid Sluiter, board member of the SKPO school umbrella, the number of infections varies in schools. Besides, the impacted classes continue online. The parents of the affected classes cooperate well.

What further complicates the situation is the crowds at GGD’s test locations. It is almost impossible to make an appointment. “A student or teacher who becomes infected must also be tested again. If that fails, resuming classes at school will also become a major problem.”

Figures GGD

GGD Brabant Zuidoost says that 104 classes are currently in quarantine in the region. That number has skyrocketed in recent weeks, the GGD reports: “In two weeks from a handful, to 30 classes to 104 now.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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