Many more birds in nature close to town

Gijzenrooise Zegge - birds
Photo credit: Studio040

It is a nature reserve close to the city, and for many still quite unknown. The ‘Gijzenrooise Zegge’, between Eindhoven and Geldrop. Nature clubs see the number and variety of birds in this area increase considerably.

Many dozens of bird species are now found here, according to a count by the local IVN (association for nature and environmental education). It concerns small species, but also large birds of prey. Some of the birds that staff members saw and heard: quail, goshawk, kestrel, green woodpecker, tree pipit, collared redstart, yellowhammer, linnet, stonechat and long-tailed tit.

According to the nature club, the planting of hedge rows, among other things, has resulted in many more species of birds in the last ten years. ‘Brabants Landschap’ (Brabant landscape) invested heavily in this. The extra space for organic farmers also helped the fauna. Furthermore, municipalities left the area alone. “There has been a great need for expansion in the region, with extra housing estates. Fortunately, Geldrop and Eindhoven were smart enough to leave Gijzenrooi for what it is”, says birdwatcher Heine van Maar, who enjoys the diversity of birds in the area.

Source: Studio040

Translated by: Bob


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