Elderly Party hopes that the city council can meet digitally again

Eindhoven City Council chamber
Source: Studio040

It is the opinion of the Ouderen Appèl (Elderly Appeal Party) that the Eindhoven city council should meet digitally again. They argue that politicians should also follow the corona advice that the government imposes.

As a result of one of the group members testing positive for the virus, colleagues will probably stay at home. Also, group Chairman Dre Rennenberg is 84 years old, a vulnerable age.

Furthermore, infection numbers have gone up sharply and representatives are not obliged to show a QR code before entering the meeting room. For privacy reasons, councillors cannot be asked whether they have been vaccinated or have a negative corona test result.

In brief, the Elderly Appeal Party does not want to meet in person on Tuesday, but would rather hold digital meetings again. “What the government imposes on others, one should not withhold from oneself. It should not be taken too lightly,” writes Rennenberg.

The Elderly Party’s proposal will be discussed and decided upon on Monday. The LPF is not in favour of this. “This is real panic football. Digital meetings are the bankruptcy of local politics”, writes councillor Tjerk Langman.

Source: Studio040

Translation: Sangeetha Dennis

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