TU/e and NXP strengthen collaboration

TU/e, NXP ccoperation
Photo credit: NXP/Studio040 In the picture: Robert-Jan Smits (TU/e Chairman) and Lars Reger (NXP Vice-President)

Eindhoven University of Technology and chip manufacturer NXP are to intensify their cooperation in the field of mobility. The organisations want to share more knowledge, data, employees and students.

The exchange of knowledge and people will mainly take place between NXP and the Artificial Intelligence branch of TU/e. It must be said that the ties between the technical university and the former Philips chip branch are traditionally warm.

NXP director, Lars Reger, therefore says he is pleased with the renewed cooperation. “All the products we use in daily life are becoming increasingly intelligent, with cars as the ultimate example. In order to take over driving tasks from the driver, cars will use Artificial Intelligence to process and interpret the input from various radars and cameras”, Reger says.

“This is an example of an area in which NXP and TU/e will be working together more intensively. In practice, this means that we will be doing joint research into Artificial Intelligence. In a broader sense, dozens of scientists will be working with NXP on their PhD research”, Reger says.

Source: www.studio040.nl

Translated by: Bob

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