King Willem-Alexander on a surprise visit to the Bennekel

King's surprise visit to the Bennekel
King Willem-Alexander's prevous visit to Eindhoven, Photo credit: Studio040

King Willem-Alexander visited the Bennekel in Eindhoven on Thursday morning. The working visit was a surprise for all residents of the neighborhood.

The local residents learned about this visit only half an hour before. Six years ago the King was also in the Bennekel, at the invitation of councilor Yasin Torunoglu. He came to talk about social integration. The authorities briefed the King again on Thursday on the developments in the neighborhood. Together with the councilor, he talked to the youth, professionals, and local residents. He also discussed the impact of the coronavirus on the neighborhood.

Bennekel United
The King and the councilor spoke with the coordinators and participants of Bennekel United in SPILcentrum De Bennekel. This project is a part of PSV United. This project uses soccer training to stimulate young people. It helps to develop their talents and contribute to the quality of the neighborhood they live in.

Influence of Coronavirus
After the conversation with Bennekel United, the King went to the community center De Dommel. Here he talked with the young people from the neighborhood. He heard about their experiences with programs and activities organized for the neighborhood. He also learned about the influence of corona on their own lives.

The King heard about the language program Vocabulary and Vocabulary+. These are provided by the volunteers. This language class is currently helping over thirty children and forty adults to improve their Dutch language skills.

Addressing problems
The visit continued with a discussion with professionals from various organizations in the district. In particular, their role in identifying and addressing the problems, their relationship of trust with the residents, and the developments in the neighborhood. Finally, the King spoke with local residents about the changes, challenges, and sense of belonging in the neighborhood.


Translation: Chaitali Sengupta. She also gives online INBURGERING classes.


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