CDA survey: area coordinator popular, BOA’s a lot less

Survey community safety Eindhoven
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A survey conducted by CDA political party Eindhoven among various housing and neighbourhood organisations shows that the area coordinator is most popular in the various districts of the city. Neighbourhood police officers also score high.

The political group sent the survey to 65 residents’ organisations and 58 neighbourhood safety teams (‘buurtpreventieteam’). About half of them completed the survey. It emerged that the area coordinator (‘gebiedscoordinator’) and the district agent, in particular, are very popular with the surveyed organisations.

The survey shows that almost all organisations know the area coordinator and that 80 per cent have positive experiences with him or her. A third would like to consult the coordinator more often.

The neighbourhood police officer also has a good reputation among the organisations. He is slightly less well-known than the neighbourhood coordinator (95 per cent to 92 per cent), but the experience with him or her is slightly more positive (83 per cent to 80 per cent of respondents reported (very) positive experiences).

Less positive
The survey participants are a lot less positive about the neighbourhood BOA (special inforcement officer) and the presence of WIJeindhoven (social support service). It is striking that neighbourhood safety teams are much more negative about the BOA than residents’ organisations, while the former actually cooperate with the BOA. Two thirds of the organisations surveyed said they did not consult with the community police officer at all. They would like to have more contact with and involvement of the police officers.

Unknown role
A similar picture applies to WIJeindhoven, which is mainly unknown to the surveyed organisations. It is therefore not surprising that the role of WIJeindhoven in the neighbourhood is not clear to many organisations. This also causes the attitude towards the organisation to be more ‘neutral’ than ‘negative’.

CDA asked council questions about the results of the survey.


Translated by: Bob

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