Broken window after pigeon flies into it

Picture Credit: Pixabay

Birds fly into window and usually do not end well. But last weekend something remarkable happened. A window of an apartment complex in Eindhoven shattered after a pigeon flew into it. The Animal Ambulance Brabant-Zuidoost announced this on Instagram on Tuesday evening.

The residents of the apartment complex found the pigeon in the stairwell. “Between the shards of glass, the animal looked around in astonishment. A little incredulous about what it had just done.”

The Animal Ambulance was then called in, as well as a few glaziers to repair the window.

Ed, Petro and intern Lisa from Animal Ambulance were able to fish the young bird out of the glass with a net on a long handle. “Miracle of wonders and to everyone’s delight, the animal did not have a scratch. When the pigeon smelled the fresh autumn air outside, the animal immediately took off.”

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Shufei

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