Eindhoven will enforce the use of a corona admission ticket

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The Municipality of Eindhoven will maintain the use of the corona admission ticket. Mayor Jorritsma reports so.

“The measures are relaxing and the catering industry will have more options again. Meanwhile, vigilance is still required to prevent the infections from rising again and the care being overloaded”, the mayor said.

“We stand for that together. We understand that the corona ticket is a challenge for the catering industry. As a municipality, we are therefore in close consultation with representatives of this sector about the introduction of this national measure. I trust that the catering industry will make its contribution again. And I would like to emphasise that during inspections we mainly act against deliberate or excessive violations”, says Jorritsma.

‘Constructive consultation’

Previously, there was a lot of criticism of the measure from the catering industry. Checking the admission ticket in particular would require extra capacity and that would cost the entrepreneurs extra money. Ruud Bakker, chairman of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland Eindhoven department, said earlier that he found the measures scandalous. The chairman has since returned to this. “These agreements are the result of constructive consultation with Mayor Jorritsma. The policy is made in The Hague. The implementation and control takes place on location. The common starting point is that we want to continue to strive for an optimal situation and continue to seek the balance between public health/safety on the one hand and wider hospitality in and for our sector on the other.”

‘First a warning’

“When a catering entrepreneur violates the closing time or does not check corona tickets, we always give a warning first. Should there be another violation, there will be an order subject to a penalty of 2,500 euros per detected violation, with a maximum of 10,000 euros. Repeated violations will result in a temporary closure for a period of two weeks. This way of enforcement is in line with the catering step-by-step plan of the municipality of Eindhoven”, the municipality said.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Shufei

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