Aziobot from Eindhoven cleans the floor on its own

Photo credit: Pleun Wolters/Studio040

Aziobot is the name of a robot that scrubs the floor, developed at the Brainport Industries Campus in Eindhoven.

The cleaning robot was developed by an Eindhoven-based start-up that specialises in devices that scrub floors autonomously. There are already a few working abroad, and the Amsterdam Nemo museum also has one.

The robot’s name is derived from the Hebrew word Azio, which means friend. Because it has to drive around on its own in shopping centres and work spaces etcetera. The makers have added a few human traits to the device. For example, it has eyes that it blinks every now and then. When it encounters an obstacle, it neatly navigates around it.

After many test runs, it has become clear that the cleaning robot evokes a variety of reactions from passers-by. Most of them laugh and take a picture or film. The real cleaners at the Brainport Industries Campus have also noticed Aziobot. They find the machine extremely handy, but it doesn’t clean the skirting boards itself. So they don’t have to worry that it will make their work redundant.


Translated by: Bob

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