Van Moll wants to finance expansion by crowdfunding

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Van Moll Craft Beer wants to move on after a difficult corona period. The pub, with its own brewery, started a crowdfunding campaign to pay for the pub renovations.

More than three quarters of the expected amount has already been raised: a good €300,000 of the intended amount of €400,000. Van Moll has until 1 September to raise the rest of the money.

Four hundred thousand euros should ensure that the pub gets the necessary extensions. “A kitchen, a renovated terrace and interior, a private tasting room, all in the same familiar atmosphere”, owner, Erwing van Moll, says. Van Moll also wants to open a second pub.

This time in Nijmegen, according to Van Moll. “This beautiful city is bustling, lively and loves Craft Beer. We are super excited to put the beautiful elements of Van Moll Eindhoven here too”, Van Moll says.

Take a look at the crowdfunding page here: Van Moll brouwt op iets nieuws! – Van Moll Craft Beer


Eindhoven News translator: Bob


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