Plan in the making to make Mierlo more attractive

Photo credit: Charella Zwerts/Studio040

At various locations in Mierlo, residents can scan a QR code. Via the code, people can give their opinion on what they think of the current location and what could be improved.

Together with the inhabitants, the Geldrop-Mierlo council wants to make the village more attractive. “Together with a number of people from Mierlo, we have made plans to involve as many residents as possible and let them think along with us”, the council says. In total, there are ten locations with QR codes.

In order to gather even more opinions, the council will take a colourful bus to the weekly market on 9 September. On 12 September, they will take the colourful bus to the Monuments Festival. Scanning the QR-codes can be done until 15 September.


Eindhoven News translator: Bob


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