Children discover Geldrop-Mierlo by bike and make new friends

Photo credit: Larissa Gomes Meyer/Studio040

Primary school children from Geldrop-Mierlo cycle right through the neighbourhood in search of the ‘hidden gems’. The tour was devised by True Friend, an organisation that connects young people with the council through activities.

The organisation has been in existence since March. “We think that children can only appreciate something if they know it well, which is why we want to introduce young people to Geldrop-Mierlo through activities”, Regy de Waal, project officer of True Friend, says.

For six weeks, between 26 July and 6 September, the children can do the cycling tour. At certain places in the town, they scan a QR code. Next, the children are given a puzzle to solve via an app.

When all the tasks are completed, the participants get a surprise. De Waal: “In this way, the children learn that if you do something, you always get something in return. Just like with real friendship, you have to invest in it, then you get a good friendship in return.”

Children decide for themselves when they start the cycle tour and how long they want to take. The cycle tour lasts up to about two hours.


Translated by: Bob

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