Remains found in Best ‘a Nazi, not German, soldier’

Photo credit: Studio040/Koninklijke Landmacht

The remains of the soldier found last week in Best were not that of a German soldier.

It’s a Nazi soldier, says the AFVN, Antifascistische oud-Verzetsstrijders Nederland (Dutch Former Resistance Fighters). Last week, Studio040 posted an article. It was based on information in a Ministry of Defence article.

The article was about the discovery in Best. The remains of a Second World War soldier were found. Attributing the mortal remains to a ‘German’ soldier is incorrect, the AFVN says.

No German soldiers

“After 1935, there were no German soldiers. That’s when the Nazis established the Wehrmacht. These armed forces were under the Nazi party’s command. Of which Hitler was the commander in chief,” AFVN spokesman, Arthur Graaff, explains.

“Also, it’s not known if this dead man was born in the former democratic Germany. He could have been from Austria, Poland, the Alsace, or the Czech Republic. These were all part of Nazi Germany.”

“Bach, Beethoven and Willy Brandt were Germans. But absolutely not Nazis. Brandt was a German Chancellor. He was even a fervent, active anti-fascist and resistance fighter,” Arthur continues.

“But Hitler, Arthur Seyss-Inquart, and Hanns Albin Rauter weren’t even German. They were all Austrian. Yet Seyss-Inquart was the Nazi governor of the Netherlands and Rauter a SS general in the Netherlands. All three were very dangerous, murderous Nazis”, Graaff concludes.


Translated by: Bob

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