There’s a flasher about!

Photo Credit: Eindhoven Police/Studio040

Someone’s committing lewd acts in public in the Eindhoven area.

The police have warned people of this on social media.  Over the past two months, the police have received several reports of a man flashing or masturbating in public. The incidents happened in the Son en Breugel, Best, Oirschot, Duizel en Netersel and Eindhoven.

The perpetrator is said to be a man in his fifties. He wears cycling gears and rides a racing bicycle. The police haven’t yet succeeded in finding the perpetrator.

So, the police are calling on the public’s help. If you catch the man in the act, please call 112. Take a photo and safely follow the man, if you can.

Anyone wishing to report other incidents or give tips about this person can also call 0900-8844.

Source: Studio040

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