More tunnel art unveiled

Photo credit: Studio040

Another tunnel in the city has been adorned.

Eindhoven Councillor, Rik Thijs has unveiled an artwork in the tunnel on Alberdingk Thijslaan. This runs under Boutensweg. The piece was done by Joram Roukes.

Roukes did the piece as part of the municipality’s Tunnelvissie (Tunnel Vision) project. It began in 2016. And there are now 48 locations in the city that boast original works of art.

‘A work of art’

“A tunnel or is more than just a ‘civil engineering structure’,” writes the Eindhoven City Council. “It’s a true work of art. It greatly impacts people’s feelings, behaviour and perception.”

“The Tunnel Vision aims to increase this impact by involving more parties and artists. The city is a living lab. We want our vision to challenge and stimulate the outside world.”

The Eindhoven City Council has, therefore, launched a webpage. It includes a map of where all the various artworks in the city can be seen. The latest one, by Rourke, is, of course, included.


The artist¬†dedicated the tunnel street art to the city’s diversity. “There’s growing activity in especially Eindhoven’s technology sector. So, the city has acquired an extremely eclectic character,” says Roukes.

“I didn’t want this painting to be about technology. It had to show this diversity as a result of it. These are collages of all kinds of birds.”

“There are wanderers and exotic varieties. And, here and there, there’s one that stays and builds a nest. It’s a homage to colours and song. That of the people who are attracted by the city,” says Roukes.


You can download the tunnel art map as an app. The image automatically adjusts to the size of your screen. By scrolling down, you can view all the works of art one by one.

Each location includes the artist’s name, date of completion, a short description and at least one photo. You can zoom in and out of the map. By can choose the piece you want to see.

Tapping on the word, ‘Tunnelvisie’ takes you back to the beginning.

Sources: Studio040, Tunnelvissie, and Gemeente Eindhoven

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