What to do with 11 million euros: a villa in Uden, a Van Gogh …

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In Uden, a villa for sale asks for 11 million euros. It becomes one of the most expensive homes for sale in the Netherlands. The editors were dreaming about what can be done with this enormous amount of money.

The villa currently ranks the fourth on funda price-wise, after a penthouse on Dam Square in Amsterdam. The villa has a living space of 1600 square meters including an indoor and outdoor pool, cinema, wine cellar, parking garage, several hobby rooms and bedrooms.

The villa belonged to the real estate magnate Roger Lips, who was declared bankrupt in 2013 and is suspected of bankruptcy fraud amounting to more than 90 million euros. Lips fled to Dubai in 2013 and does not want to come to the Netherlands for the trial.

Anyone who has 11 million euros to spend can consider the following options.

Eleven times Justin Bieber

A few years ago, the Pinkpop festival held at Landgraaf, the Netherlands paid a million euros for a two-hour performance by Justin Bieber. Whoever is crazy about the pop star: you could book 11 times in total. 

A Van Gogh

Anyone who is into Brabant culture, or specifically Vincent van Gogh, can acquire a true art treasure even with savings left. Vincent’s painting of people walking in a park in Paris from 1886 went up for auction for 8.8 million euros two years ago.

Eleven thousand times to New York

Do you already have a luxury house, brought Justin Bieber to your garden party and that Van Gogh on your wall? Well, there is also a trip to New York. From 11 million euros, you can fly back and forth to New York for 11,000 times. That’s economy class. How to process all the jet lag seems a problem.

Florida Keys

Do you also need a quiet beach vacation without crowds? You can go to the idyllic island near Florida Keys. Once arrived there by boat, you can relax quietly from the blue sea or in one of the three bedrooms. Do you like this way and never want to go home? Then you just buy it precisely for 11 million euros.

Source: Omroep Brabant

Translator: Shufei


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