Local politicians want to ban laughing gas

laughing gas
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The LPF and the CDA want a ban on the recreational use of laughing gas in Eindhoven.

According to these political parties, abusing laughing gas leads to serious health problems and causes inconvenience. That’s why the CDA and the LPF submitted a motion to ban laughing gas in Eindhoven.

The use of nitrous oxide would cause serious health problems. These include damage to the nervous system, lung embolisms, heart attacks, and vascular blockages. Serious operations are then be required to repair the damage.

News article

The initiators, Tjerk Langman (LPF) and Remco van Dooren (CDA), refer to the story of some doctors in Het Parool. In the article, Dr Robert Riezebos from the Heart Centre of the OLVG and cardiologist and chief of clinics Dr Remko Kuipers sound the alarm about the party drug.

“As cardiologists, until last year, we never saw problems caused by the use of laughing gas as a party drug. But in just over a year, we have had to treat five young patients for serious cardiovascular problems. Young men and women between 20 and 30”, Dr Riezebos says in conversation with Het Parool.

“They had misused nitrous oxide like alcohol. The blood clots caused by excessive use of laughing gas can cause a heart attack. We’ve noticed that these heart attacks are sometimes difficult to treat.”

Not as easy to treat

“The blood clots it causes appear to be more solid than usual. They’re less easy to treat with the regular procedure or with blood thinners,” says Dr Riezebos.

Besides health problems, misusing laughing gas causes people to be a nuisance on the street, according to the CDA and the LPF. But the lack of regulations makes it hard for the police and the special community officers to intervene. A national ban is also too long in coming, according to the Eindhoven politicians.

For this reason, Langman and Van Dooren want the Municipal Board to follow the example of Leeuwarden and other cities. Eindhoven should introduce a ban on the recreational use of laughing gas throughout the city. However, the General Municipal Bylaw still needs to be amended. If it were up to the initiators, this would happen before the summer.

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Translated by: Bob

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