Local visits all Eindhoven Quiz spots

Grote Eindhoven Quiz
Photo credit: Studio040

Sandra Groeneveld from Eindhoven visited 100 special places.

These were all featured in the Grote Eindhoven Quiz. She took a selfie at each of the sites. It started as a joke. During the quiz, Sandra didn’t know where the zebra crossing at Strijp-T was.

Even though she knew she had seen it somewhere before. “When I saw the picture during the quiz, I couldn’t think of it. A few days later, I came across the crossing at Strijp-T.”


“I sent a selfie to the friends I had played the quiz. I added, ‘I should have known about these’,” Sandra says. “Then they jokingly asked whether I was going to visit the other 99 locations as well.”

“A few were within walking distance. That was a good reason to get out of the house. Others I visited by bicycle with my young daughter.”

“And sometimes we would drive to a neighbourhood and take a walk there,” Sandra says. “In the end, we did them all. It was very cool.”

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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