Waalre hangout: more lights, patrols after complaints

Waalre hangout spot
Photo credit: Studio040

The Waalre Town Council is going to install additional lighting around the youth hangout spot on Ericalaan.

The municipality also promised there’d be added supervision. The measures come after many complaints from local residents. The youngsters hanging around the meeting place have been bothering these people for some time.

Last year, the council received 27 reports. The kids set off fireworks, make a mess and, apparently, use drugs. Several residents became fed up. They started a petition campaign to get rid of the hangout spot.


This unrest was why the municipality is talking to residents. According to the council, they agreed to place extra lights at the spot. This should improve the sense of safety in the neighbourhood.

The police and community officers will also patrol the area more often. The council will place a  sign with rules of conduct in the area too. The municipality is considering moving the meeting place further away from the houses.

The matter is on the town council’s agenda for Tuesday evening.

Source: Studio040.nl

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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