Research into lifting church may continue

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The research into lifting the Catharina Church may continue.

That was approved by most of the Eindhoven city council. In the summer it was announced that an investigation into raising this church off the ground was begun by individuals outside of the council. They want to build flats below it.

Several political parties were not happy with this. They tabled a motion entitled ‘Keep Cathrien’s feet on the ground’. It proposed that all initiatives to move the church in any direction should be immediately rejected. The motion also calls for efforts to keep the church in its current location.

Councillor Yasin Torunoglu wasn’t enthusiastic about this motion. “I find it strange that our city should stop thinking. I understand that everyone has their reasons for being in favour of this, or not.”

‘You can stop people’s ideas’

“But it’s a market initiative. I disagree with stopping a few people on the market’s thought processes.”

Councillor Henk Jager of the ChristenUnie is one of the motion’s authors. He disagrees with what Torunoglu said. “I don’t want us to stop thinking.”

“But keep your hands off this church. I’m very much in favour of architectural masterpieces. But not there, with that building.”

Torunoglu responded by saying that it’s complicated to stop an initiative. Especially when market parties are involved, he says he’ll tell the council if there’s a request to move the church.

The motion wasn’t passed. It has 19 yays and 25 nays.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Bob

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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