Boschdijk bike path to get facelift

Photo credit: Studio040

An Eindhoven political party, The Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA), had previously questioned the cycle path’s quality on the Boschdijk.

The plan is to pave a part of the bicycle path in 2022. The lighting will also be improved, especially at a stretch near the Grote Beek.

A section of the cycle path on the Boschdijk now consists of clinker bricks, and the road surface feels split. Tall shrubs and low lighting seem to make it further uncomfortable for cyclists too. According to the CDA, the current path’s quality offers huge scope for improvements.


Work is being done on the poor lighting. The Council reports that trees obstruct the light coming from lampposts in some places. Addressing the lighting issue will be included in the new 2021-2024 road management plan. This plan will be submitted to the municipal council for approval in November.

Emphasis on the city’s vegetation will remain. The municipality, therefore, will retain the greenery along this access road. There is often less traffic and activity at night. Therefore, improving the surface and illumination aspects might, at the least, bring superficial security.

Source: Studio040

Translator: Seetha

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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