The region’s homeless are to get better all-round care

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From next year, the homeless will get more help than just a bed for the night. Photo credit: Pixabay

The Eindhoven municipality and care provider, Springplank040, have signed an agreement to provide social care for the city and the 14 surrounding areas.

The deal commences on 1 January 2021, Springplank040 will be opening a new 24-hour homeless shelter. This gives homeless people a place to shelter during the day as well as the night. Staff will motivate and support homeless people, not only to find permanent housing. They will also assist with job searches, managing finances, and rebuilding a support network.

Springplank040 will take care of the city’s destitute together with Ervaring die Staat, Neos, and the Salvation Army. These are local and national organisations that support people in need of social shelter. That includes homeless people and domestic abuse victims.

€9,5 million/year

The arrangement will last until December 2025. The deal will make €9,5 million per year available. This is to be used to support people in Eindhoven experiencing homelessness and other social difficulties. Prevention and aftercare are essential parts of the support. This approach is a concrete expression of the new vision on social care that the Eindhoven City Council approved in November 2019.

A new approach is needed. Because, in the Netherlands, the problems concerning the homeless have changed in recent years. The aim isn’t only to provide a safety net. People will be offered customised care. And, if possible, to enable them can regain control of their lives as soon as possible. Close involvement and a personal approach that suits the person’s capabilities are important for successful results. 

Customised care 

Participation in the form of paid or voluntary work is central to supporting the homeless. This requires a tailor-made approach to investigate individual personalities and select the best-suited activation program. Besides offering a living space, the shelter aims to guide clients in finding employment. This will be supplemented with the correct guidance and independence. 

Cllr Renate Richters (front left), Springplank 040’s Thijs Eradus, Els Keet of Ervaring die Staat (back left), the Salvation Army’s John van Voorst (centre), and Raoul Bakkes from Neos (back right). Photo credit: Eindhoven municipality.

Eindhoven’s Councillor for care and welfare, Renate Richters, is very satisfied with the outcome of the contract. She’s also delighted with the shared vision and targeted cooperation of the organisations involved. ‘I’m pleased that we can finally say goodbye to the night shelter on Mathildelaan as a regular shelter location.”

“A long-cherished wish of mine is being fulfilled. That isn’t a location where people can find the necessary rest needed for them to try to get their lives back on track.” Further explanation will be given on 9 July about the new social care programme.

Source: Eindhoven City Council

Translators: Seetha, and Rachael Vickerman

Editor: Melinda Walraven

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