Non-European students demand Netherlands to cut tuition fee as corona crisis drags on

Tuition fee - non-european students
Photo credit: Usama Ahmed Bin Noor

A group of Non-European students asked Netherlands government to reduce tuition, as their financial situations have been seriously affected by the ongoing corona crisis.

Eindhoven News reports:

The ongoing pandemic has left many Non-EU students vulnerable. Due to lock downs in their countries and shut down of businesses, they are unable or it is very difficult for them to get their parental support at this time. Besides this, some students have also lost their part time jobs.

In Eindhoven, a group of non-European students gathered and asked the government for discount on tuition fee. On the behalf of non-European students Usama Ahmed Bin Noor from Pakistan said “If students are not getting all facilities then why they should pay the whole tuition fee?” He also mentioned that many students cannot use libraries and buildings of universities and, due to online lectures quality of education also has been affected.

In his speech he also said “Many of us in the international student body have also immersed ourselves into the Dutch workforce, boosting the economy with our buying and possessions, paying taxes on even our student income and we are contributing to the diversity of this nation so, we expect that Dutch government will not ignore us in our difficult time.”

They are obliged to pay whole tuition fee in normal conditions but due to pandemic the student body requested the Dutch government for immediate action to give compensation to non-EU students by reducing or eliminating tuition fee for Autumn semester 2020. So, they can better focus on their studies without any tension of financial issues. They are looking forward for the help of Dutch government.


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